ImTunedIn is a brand new music network designed by musicians, for musicians. We designed ImTunedIn to make our lives better. And it will make yours better too. Here are just some ImTunedIn features we would like to highlight.


Personalise your profile with a biography, past clients, favourite instruments, photos and videos. Make use of ImTunedIn to connect with other musicians in your field.

Build a trusted network of musicians in your area. You never know when you might need to call upon them!


Come together with other musicians on ImTunedIn to form bands. Update your band’s experience, past clients, client reviews and multimedia all in one place. Simply share your solo or band profile with clients who can check you out with just one click.


Manage your own schedule. Manage the schedule of your band or bands with BandCal. Need to schedule a rehearsal? BandHelp will find a date and time for your band where all the members are available. Use BandChat to chat in real time and remind each other of upcoming events and milestones. It is totally private between you and your band. No more creating chat groups on other social sites and apps to keep up to date!

This is not just another tool. BandCal will change your life and the way you work.

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