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All Kindsa Girls


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  • About Us

    All Kindsa Girls is an independent, female trio rock band formed in Singapore, 2015. The band consists of Daphne Boo on rhythm guitar, Jerrie Boo on lead guitar, and Ho Mai Chin on the drum.

    They started off making covers on Youtube as their hobby but gradually realised their aspiration to be a cover band.

    Some of their musical interests are from rock bands of different generations especially Green Day.

    Besides doing covers, All Kindsa Girls are also exploring in writing, recording, studio production and gaining exposure to the rock industry to fulfil their holistic musicianship ambition.

  • Experiences

    • May 2018 - Your regular gigs
    • May 2014 - Your won America's Got Talent
    • May 2010 - Your first band competition
  • Clients

  • Genre

    • Pop
    • Rock