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King River Rising

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Reggae Rockers From Melbourne Australia

  • About Us

    Formed in late 2015 and originally known as Ward Hancock and the Bastard Sons, King River Rising are a five-piece groove group who push the boundaries of Reggae Rock while paying homage to the genre’s predecessors. Skillfully blending deep grooves and intertwining harmonies and melodies, KRR contains skilled players in their own right – but together they project a tight-knit, passionate band. Hot out of the studio, they’re set to be as tight and as seasoned as ever, releasing their latest EP - now as a five piece.

    Meeting in Melbourne from all over Australia (Darwin, Fish Creek and Shepperton), this crossover of musical experiences has resulted in an exciting convergence of flavor – sometimes crooning – sometimes intense – but always leaving the crowd wanting more. Often compared to artists such as Sublime, John Mayor and The Black Seeds, King River Rising draw from the four out of five player’s deep roots in Rock; while putting their own spin on front man Ward Hancock’s love of Reggae music. Through constant gigging the boys have earned a reputation of dedicated working musos, tirelessly performing on many nights throughout the week, regularly playing in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs and CBD. With fantastic live shows that have resulted in great crowd reactions and countless encores, the constant work has resulted in a tight, polished set that’s seen many forms - one that’s set to take the Australian Reggae scene by storm.

    With a fresh take on Ward Hancock’s original writing, the band hit Hothouse Studios to record their latest release, titled: “Lucid”. Two re-worked previously recorded songs were laid down along with four newly written tracks that stay true to the edgy and raw live essence the band emits at their gigs. With catchy guitar and saxophone licks, long sweeping jams and beautifully constructed ballads all things possible have been crammed into the 29-minute-long EP. Set to be released this Winter, King River Rising leave no stone unturned by continuing to gig hard and improve, extend their reach outside of Melbourne and to convert Australia’s public to their eccentric, eclectic and captivating sound.

  • Genre

    • Roots Reggae
    • Dub
    • Funk
    • Blues