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The Bansuri Funk - a crossover of Smooth Jazz and Funk with a spicy hint of Worldly pleasures.

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    What do you call a song that crosses Funk with Smooth Jazz, while also turning traditional instrumentation on its ear?

    Presenting “Soul’d” the debut single by the Funk/Smooth Jazz trio of the same name. Soul’d, the band, features GRAMMY®-nominated composer and producer Arun Shenoy on guitar, internationally-acclaimed flautist Ravichandra Kulur, and groove master Duke Purisima on bass.

    Kulur, an in-demand flautist who performed extensively with the late Pandit Ravi Shankar and daughter Anoushka Shankar, coaxes a whole new sound out of his Indian classical flute, which takes the place of the saxophone or trumpet leads normally heard in Smooth Jazz. Another favourite of Shenoy’s, GRAMMY®- nominated arranger Don Hart has teamed up with the trio for the live horn orchestration in Nashville.

    Listening to final mixes inspired the stylistic term “Bansuri Funk”, referring to the trio’s innovative jazz/funk approach combined with the traditional Indian bamboo flute, the Bansuri.

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