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East West Fusion featuring Erhu and Sanxian

  • About Us

    The core of Szinc- Mike Chiang (erhu virtuoso), Jessica Lu aka Princess Jessica (sanxian), Christine Sham (keyboards) with additional members Mohamed Noor on tabla are a study in cultural contrast but also a perfect display of camaraderie.

    Mike and Jessica are both highly sought after soloists from the Chinese classical music world. Due to the soloing nature of their instruments, they possess a strong sense of melody and structure with chops to impress. Also frequent collaborators with New Asia Project, they are no strangers to the world of fusion and ethnic music.

    Christine Sham, having graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, wasted no time in establishing herself as a film composer, arranger, producer, educator and performer. She has written music for countless TV commercials, scored 5 films and has performed and toured for Stephanie Sun, A*mei, David Tao, F.I.R (and the list goes on).

    More importantly, it was while playing with one another on various shows that these master musicians realized that they have good chemistry on and off stage. The comradeship and mutual respect, coupled with the high level of musicianship from each individual changes their perspective towards their music. This led to the formation of Szinc with the vision to create a fusion of music that would reach out to the world, and at the end of the day, this collaboration alone would be something more far reaching than the already impressive sum of their parts.