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Nolan Bradbury


Melbourne-bred, Singapore-based. Pianist/keyboardist and music director.

  • About me

    Having worked with countless Australian and international artists as both a Music Director and accompanist, Nolan is well recognised and respected for his professionalism, integrity, personality and style. He co-produced and musically directed numerous cabaret and major event performances - including his debut CD, Stop When Everyone Is Moving, in 2001 - before partnering with the international mega-retailer, Target, to create, co-produce, and arrange the annual Waterfront Christmas CD. It featured some of Australia’s best known performers alongside grassroots talent, all to raise funds for local charities.
    In his late twenties, Nolan was recognised on a national scale when he undertook an onscreen Music Director role on Network 10’s Good Morning Australia (alongside TV legend, Bert Newton) for over 100 episodes. It was a challenging and rewarding extension to his broad experience and a stepping stone to touring and performing with artists at various gigs and events; from corporate juggernauts like The Peter Sullivan Big Band to the legendary Motown group, The Drifters. In demand as a session musician, arranger, and producer, he relocated to Singapore in 2013 and continues to write and produce for a number of clients and projects.

  • Equipment

    • Roland RD-700
    • Nord Electro 3
    • Roland A-500
    • Mainstage
    • Logic
  • Genre

    • Soul
    • Funk
    • Pop
    • Jazz
  • Instruments

    • Piano
    • Keyboard