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SiaYeun Tay


I am a singer (cross genres and multi-languages)

  • About me

    I joined the Singapore Audition of Voice Of China Season 3 (in Jun'2014) and is 1 of the top 6 finalists for Singapore.

    I have been performing annually at Singapore Street Festival and SHINE Youth Festival since 2004. I won the Champion of Singapore Street Festival’s “WOW” singing competition (Solo Category) in year 2007.

    I'm able to sing cross genres (eg. Pop Ballads, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Musicals, and Classical Opera), and in multiple languages (eg. Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese, Hokkien). I performed for Company functions, Community and Charity events, record TV Commercial Jingles, as guest performer at concerts.

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  • Experience

    • Jan 2016 - Recorded the song 青春彼岸 for River Valley High School's 60th anniversary
    • Sep 2015 - Acted as a supporting role "Piao Piao" in Royston Tan's movie “3688 想入飞飞” screened on 17-Sep-2015
    • Aug 2015 - Recorded the hip hop version of SG50 "Sayang Sembawang" jingle with 10AM Communications
    • Jun 2015 - Champion of "Kreta Ayer/Kim Seng Got Talent" in 2015
    • Sep 2014 - Recorded the Jazz version & piano version of the commercial jingles of Singapore Teochew Festival 2014 with 10AM Communications
    • Jun 2014 - Top 6 finalist of Voice of China's Singapore Audition in 2014
    • Nov 2008 - Performed with Jacintha Abisheganaden, Robert Fernando and Babes Conde at "Sing Sing Sing" concert in 2008
    • Jun 2007 - Champion of Singapore Street Festival's "WOW~! Singing competition" in 2007
  • Photos

    • SiaYeun Tay-Singapore---imtunedin-OTg2
    • SiaYeun Tay-Singapore---imtunedin-OTg2
    • SiaYeun Tay-Singapore---imtunedin-OTg2
    • SiaYeun Tay-Singapore---imtunedin-OTg2
  • Equipment

    • MMO
    • live music
  • Genre

    • Acid Jazz
    • Contemporary Jazz
    • Mainstream Jazz
    • Jazz
    • Soul
    • Blues
    • Musicals
    • Opera
    • Mando Pop
    • Canto Pop
  • Instruments

    • Singer